My name is Carmela, I am Italian and I hold a full English teaching qualification in Post Compulsory Education and Training (Cert.Ed.)and a Qualified Teaching and Learning Status (QTLS).I also have a BA degree in Post Compulsory Education and Training from Warwick University. I have been teaching Italian for over ten years privately and for colleges. I have taught Italian at the Brasshouse language centre in Birmingham, at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College and South Staffordshire College as well as delivering training for companies such as EXD Ltd. in Coventry, Arlani in Burton, Redrock in Birmingham and for private groups, reaching areas in the West Midlands, from Birmingham to Coventry, Warwick to Lichfield and Solihull.

Italian Language culture and cooking workshops- About me

I grew up in a small village in a traditional Neapolitan family where we prepared local and classical Italian dishes, growing and preserving most of the food we ate. 

Preparing pasta or gnocchi for our Sunday lunch was a family get together event! We all helped and learned how to make things in a traditional way. During the major festivities such as Christmas and Easter the food preparation took weeks and families and friends exchanged their creations: Struffoli, Panettone and Pandoro at Christmas; Pastiera, Tortano or Casatiello at Easter; for Carnival we made Chiacchiere, and for father’s days Zeppole. There were times when we all went to zia’s house to cook pizza and bread in her stone oven… every occasion was special and gave us an excuse to prepare a traditional dish. Therefore, my love for the food and food preparation grew thanks to the area I was born and my family’s customs. When later I travelled as a student, I exchanged recipes with other people and grandmas from Sicily, Puglia and Tuscany. Therefore, the Italian cooking workshop is an opportunity for me to share with you, in my kitchen, what I have learned, and recreate together an authentic Italian experience.  

Additional Information

I regularly do continual professional development to advance my teaching skills, subject knowledge, and to comply with the governmental and institutional requirements. 

I motivate my students by making learning interesting and relevant to the topic learned.
I promote independent learning by giving the necessary resources and skills to continue their learning outside the lessons: computers and the Internet often allow learners to access language websites and native speakers’ resources (i.e. newspapers, TV programmes, videos, etc.)

I have lead traditional Italian cooking sessions in Birmingham, Lichfield, Tamworth and at my home, where people have learned how to make their own pasta, gnocchi, risotto and some of the traditional cakes such as Pastiera napoletana, Panettone, babà al rhum, and so on. 

Around the Christmas period I also did an Italian crochet workshop in Lichfield and made Christmas decorations.

I have run an Italian after school clubs at a local primary school; children learned the Italian language through fun activities, games, and songs.

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Italian food ravioli

Italian food ravioli