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One-To-One Lessons

Small Group Lessons

Small Group Lessons

Personalised Italian lessons in Coventry Birmingham Tamworth

Personalised one-to-one tuition takes place at my home in Shustoke, with tailored Italian language lessons to suit your needs & learning pace/style. You have the flexibility to choose the day and time of your lessons and the frequency of your sessions. 

Small Group Lessons

Small Group Lessons

Small Group Lessons

Italian classes learn Italian language and culture

This option is for groups of friends or family, or join one of my existing italian language classes. Classes can be at different levels, and I ensure that the lessons are interesting and varied with lots of different topics.  

GCSE & A-level Prep

Small Group Lessons

GCSE & A-level Prep

Italian language exam preparation in West Midlands

Italian language exam preparation is so important and I can help you with GCSE (AQA) and A Level (Edexcel). I cover all aspects of the course including written, spoken, grammar, and I help with pronunciation and exam techniques.

Language Workshops

Italian For Business

GCSE & A-level Prep

Italian language workshop in Shustoke Birmingham

Language workshops give students opportunities to explore aspects of the Italian language and culture, and to do extra language practise, as well as to meet other language lovers! Language workshop dates will be posted on Facebook and my Blog

Italian For Business

Italian For Business

Italian For Business

Italian language for business purpose in West Midlands

If you would like to learn how to speak the Italian language for business purposes, I can offer a tailored service. Training can take place in Shustoke or on site.

Online Lessons

Italian For Business

Italian For Business

Italian language and culture learn italian with online lessons FaceTime or Skype

If travelling is a problem, you may consider to learn Italian from the comfort of your home with online lessons via Skype or Face Time. 


Exam Preparation

"Very pleased with the 'one-to-one' italian language class that I am attending, which are acting as extra support alongside my main Italian course.  Tailored classes suited to my individual requirements. I have no problem recommending Carmela! (Carla)

Advanced Class

"Carmela is a very creative tutor who brings the Italian language to life using a wide range of tools and teaching aids. She is very adept at matching the skill levels and needs of her students to the resources available. Having been taught by Carmela, I particularly appreciate the way in which she gently encourages her students to practice and develop their understanding, not just of the language but also of the Italian culture. She has a warm sense of humour and her classes always provide a fun and relaxed environment in which to learn la bella lingua." (Glen)

Group Tuition

“La signora Carmela Robson has come to our country via Naples and has learnt our language, has married and has a family and also qualified to teach us, English people, the delights of her bella lingua italiana.

Carmela covers a lot of topics to keep the lessons interesting and when I visit Italy I can understand, speak and listen and learn which makes the visit much more enjoyable to converse with locals. Learning a language keeps our mind motivated so full credit to Carmela for her teaching manner. I’ve still a long way to go but enjoy my weekly italian language lessons, Carmela encourages us to do homework and build a little Italian into our everyday lives.” (Katie T.)

One-to-one Tuition

After spending a couple of enjoyable holidays in Italy, I decided that for future visits it would be a good idea to learn something of the language. I found Carmela from the internet and arranged for tuition in anticipation of a holiday to Florence and Viareggio.In only three months I was able to ac complish such basic tasks as shopping, asking directions, ordering at cafés and restaurants and finding our way around the public transport system (mainly the railways). I even managed a few short conversations. The lessons also covered the beginnings of Italian grammar and numeracy. After returning from Florence I was so happy with my progress that I have now resumed tuition, but this time structured towards grammar and conversation. I am amazed at the progress I have made in only 10 months and would not hesitate to recommend Carmela to anyone wishing to learn Italian from scratch or to anyone wishing to improve their existing Italian language skills.

(Ted B.)

Italian for Holiday Course

With a desire to grasp the basics of the Italian language and simply be able to get what I want from friendly Italians, the course of 5x2 hour lessons in the company of five similarly minded English people was both well presented and expertly managed by Carmela.  I'd recommend anybody who wishes to learn the Italian way to give Carmela a call. (Paul)
I was able to learn Italian in a relaxed and entertaining setting- Full credit to the tutor (Sean)
Thank you very much for the course, Carmela. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You have created a relaxed, supportive and un environment in which we could learn. Grazie. (Sue)
Excellent preparation for an Italian Holiday. (Geoff)
I have very much enjoyed this course and I will return for more lessons. (Veronica)

We did use some Italian whilst away, general greetings, farewells, ordering at bars, cost enquiries and asking how are you and replying to the same.

It was nothing complicated, but helped us feel part of the culture and language in a small way! 🙂 (Lee & Debbie)

Italian Language workshop "Escape the room"

Grazie mille per il workshop, mi sono divertito molto. (Charlie)

Thanks for a great evening, I really enjoyed it and met some nice people (Kevin)

A big thank you for yesterday evening. It was excellent, and if you do another italian language workshop I love to attend. (Loraine)

Thank you for the lovely evening, there was something for everyone last night! (Susan)

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening on Friday.

I really enjoyed all the activities, with the support and encouragement of the other Rossi family members! The refreshments were delicious and obviously served to keep us all well motivated and on-task to solve those tricky clues. I look forward to your next Italian social event when you have the time and energy to organise another one. With best wishes (Margaret).

I really enjoyed the "Escape the Room" workshop. You are SO creative! And the people I met are very nice to work with. (Alma)

We loved the workshop. Thank you so much. What a lot of imaginative preparation! (T&T)

Thank you for yesterday . It was highly enjoyable! (Sean)

Got the grey brain cells working...👍🇮🇹👋. Grazie mille Carmela e Luca per tutto il tuo duro lavoro, molto divertente. (Katie)

Grazie mille per sabato, è stato fantastico, gente simpatica, davvero piacevole. Per favore fatemi sapere se ne fate un altro. (Brian)

Italian Language Workshop - Christmas games

Thank you for a really enjoyable workshop. It was especially kind of you to take so much effort to make your house look so festive for us all. (Glen)

Bella serata! Ben fatto!
Much hard work & good fun.
(Katie & Sean) 

Grazie mille per una bella serata! Mi sono piaciuti molto i giochi e il cibo delizioso. (S.)

Thank you so much for the very Christmassy workshop in your lovely decorated home. It was huge fun. Thank you too for the amazing cakes, wine, little robins and coins etc etc. (T&T)

Italian Language workshop - Sanremo 2020

Mi è piaciuto molto l'ultimo workshop e non vedevo l'ora di venire al prossimo.  Marie

A tutti è piaciuto molto venerdì sera - grazie mille per tutto il tuo duro lavoro! Chris

Grazie Carmela, apprezzo molto la tua preparazione per rendere piacevole la nostra serata. Brian

Language Workshop - Hand gesture

Grazie mille per la lezione di oggi.  Mi piace venire a casa tua per imparare l'italiano. (Pam)