Italian Christmas cake Panettone

Panettone and Vellutata

Panettone (originated in Milan) is a typical Italian Christmas cake, a light texture sweet bread, filled with candied fruit and raisins. 

The starter is a courgette soup served with crostini and a drizzle of fresh cream.  


Pandoro and Pasta with Lentils

Pandoro "Golden Bread" (from Verona) is a very tall cake with a very light texture, star shaped, dusted with icing sugar. 

Pasta with lentils is a typical autumn/winter dish, rich in fibre, protein, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Lentils are eaten on New Year's Eve because symbolising prosperity and good luck.

Italian Cooking Workshop for Christmas dishes

Additional Information

Please note the Italian Christmas dishes are available for a couple of months prior the festivity. 

Choose one of the Christmas cakes for your workshop.

The starters can be swapped. 

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Italian Traditional Christmas Cake - Pandoro

Italian Traditional Christmas Cake - Pandoro