Pastiera napoletana and crostini

the starter is toasted homemade bread with marinated mushrooms.

The dessert is a traditional Neapolitan Easter cake made with pastry filled with ricotta, candied fruit and wheat or barley grain. 


Colomba and Vellutata soup

The starter is a courgette soup served with crostini and a drizzle of fresh cream. 

The dessert is a traditional Easter cake made with candied fruits and raisins, covered with a hazelnut glaze and finished with almonds and frosted sugar.

More modern versions of Colomba are filled with chocolate or flavoured creams and glazed with dark chocolate or icing sugar.



A very rich bread, stuffed with salame, ham, cheese and eggs. 

It can be eaten hot or cold.

Neapolitans prepare this dish for Easter Monday day out, when they traditionally go sightseeing and have picnics on the beach or in the countryside. 

Italian Cooking Workshop

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Italian Cooking Workshop in Shustoke Birmingham

Italian Cooking Workshop in Shustoke Birmingham